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Tournament Format

The BPHC format is 4 on 4, 6 skaters per team, 16 teams and co-ed, utilizing a round-robin format with each team guaranteed 3 games and a maximum of 5 games . All games will be held on official rinks with backstops, and either two 15-minute running time half’s or 1 running 20 minute period weather depending. Honor Code refereeing until the Playoff Rounds when a Ref will be making final calls.

Each team will be randomly placed into a pool within your division and play a minimum of 3 games in the round robin pool. After the round robin play is complete, the top teams from each pool will move on to the semi finals bracket. In the event of a tie, the team with the least ‘Goals Against’ will advance. If it is still tied, the teams will have a sudden death game until one team advances.


A team whose opponent does not show up will receive a 1-0 win. They will also receive the average winning team goal differential of 5 GF. The opponent has until half time to show, after the first half is over, the team will be awarded a forfeit win. The rink will be cleared and used for maintenance opportunities.

Playoff Seedings

Seed placements per division are determined by:

  1. Record (W-L)
  2. Least goals against
  3. If still tied, 3 v 3 shootout

Playoff Qualifications

Total number of teams from each division will be finalized after registration is closed and the final schedule is confirmed. This will be done the week prior to the tournament and will be predicated on total number of team registered per age group & division. It is expected that a minimum of 4 teams from each group will proceed to the playoffs.: