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Tournament Format

The BPHC tournament is 4 on 4, 6 skaters per team, between 13 or 16 teams and co-ed, with each team guaranteed 6 games. All games will be held on official rinks with backstops, and 1 running 15 minute period. Honor Code refereeing until the Playoff Rounds when a Ref will be making final calls.

Game Format:

-Games are scheduled in 20 minute intervals. Each team plays once every hour.

-The horn / siren will sound only to END the game.  At that point the teams playing immediately exit the rink and bench area. The next two teams jump on and play as soon as both are ready.

There will be no horn to start the game.

-At the end of each game, we need a representative from each team to report their team letter and the score to the Standings chart table.

Shovel Breaks:

There will be time built into the schedule to shovel the rinks (see master schedule). At this time, persons from the two teams playing next on each rink will shovel, Monterey rink style. (start up the middle in a formation like 3 snowplows on the highway, pushing off to the side.)

5 people can clear the rink in 5 minutes easily this way.


A team whose opponent does not show up will receive a 1-0 win. They will also receive the average winning team goal differential of 2 GF 0 GA.

Playoff Seedings

Standings:                   Win = 2 pts      Tie = 1pt

The top 4 pt scoring teams make the playoffs

Standings tie breakers:

1) Head to Head record

2) Lowest GA

3) Highest GF less GA; basically goal differential (max of 5 for any game)

4) Full ice shootout, NHL Rules

Playoff game ties

Sudden death, 3 on 3 overtime.